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enhanced smart
building functionality

smartengine's fine mesh sensor grid, with one sensor per 100ft², collects extensive data on power, motion, illuminance, and temperature. This enables multiple Smart Building Applications through smartmanager or third-party systems, supported by user-friendly RESTful, BACnet/IP, and MQTT APIs.


Your space deserves these benefits

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Cut lighting energy use by up to 75% with our advanced, low-power solutions, earning up to 29 LEED credits.

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Enhance well-being with Human Centric Lighting, featuring precision dimming, tunable white LEDs, Daylight Harvesting, and improved Indoor Air Quality at each fixture.

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Smart Office

Manage lighting effortlessly with our user-friendly web interface, gain building utilization insights, real-time floor plan data, and integrate seamlessly with third-party systems.

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Real-Time Floor Plan Manager

Floor Plan Manager provides real-time insights into your building’s health and utilization on a floor plan basis.

Don't just take our word for it

"Lighting our 22,500 sq. ft. office costs us less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks per day."

Raghu Misra
Founder @ the link

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