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Frequently Asked Questions

What is smartengine?

The smartengine technology provides the infrastructure for an intelligent building. Low voltage lighting and a fine mesh sensor network enable energy savings, smart building use cases and moved wellness in the built space.

Energy savings of up to 75% compared to traditional lighting systems can be achieved along with sending smartsensor data to the building’s BMS via BACnet/IP for HVAC savings.

Smart building use cases such as integration with AV, meeting room booking systems, asset tracking, way finding and more are all made possible by smartengine’s fine mesh sensor network delivering data in real-time to 3rd party systems via an easy to use API.

Wellness in a building can be improved by circadian and human centric smart lighting (HCsL) along with Indoor Air Quality sensors in wall controllers.

Is smartengine affordable?

Yes, generally speaking deploying smartengine can be cost neutral with traditional lighting controls on day one.

When you begin to factor in the smart building features, energy savings and any potential incentives or rebates the total cost and benefit of ownership over five or ten years provides higher value and lower overall cost than traditional lighting systems.

How many deployments are there?

Since the first commercial deployment in 2010 this technology has now been deployed in over twenty five countries at over 500+ locations.

Can you integrate with other building systems?

Of course! With our REST, unified, MQTT and BACnet/IP API's our system can easily integrate with a 3rd party BMS, BOS, smart building app, AV system and more to help your space become as smart and sustainable as possible.