August 29, 2022

US Department of Energy Integrated Lighting Campaign recognizes the link for Exemplary Performance

Achieving Smart Energy Efficiency with wtec’s smartengine Platform Ponte Vedra, Fla. (August 29, 2022) — The Integrated Lighting…

US Department of Energy Integrated Lighting Campaign recognizes the link for Exemplary Performance

Ponte Vedra, Fla. (August 29, 2022) — The Integrated Lighting Campaign, which is a resource of the US Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, recently recognized the link for exemplary performance for use of advanced sensors and controls in lighting and the integration of lighting with other building systems. The link, an award-winning innovation and activity hub in Florida, worked in partnership with wtec to deploy its smartengine platform throughout the 22,500 square foot building.

“With the help of smartengine, the energy consumption for lighting our entire space is costing us less than one cup of coffee a day at Starbucks,” stated founder of the link and tech entrepreneur, Raghu Misra. “This is the equivalent to $0.005 per square foot a month and the building’s average lighting power density is less than 0.15 watt per square foot.”

wtec’s smartsensors, which are integrated into every light fixture, provide insights on temperature and motion while enabling photocell and energy monitoring per fixture. Temperature and occupancy data are provided to the building management system, via BACnet/IP, to setback temperatures and enable viewing historical and real-time energy reports. The smartmanager, the technology’s web-based user interface, provides detailed analytics on occupancy and space utilization to help maximize building usage.

“Our goal is to have a building that’s on a continuous learning mode using AI and machine learning models that incorporate data from various IOT sensors, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, weather and others learning building, to help drive tenant / member experience and also become a model for students, architects and designers to learn and emulate,” added Misra.

Tim Miscovich, Chief Commercial Officer at wtec, collaborated with Misra to bring this ultra-sustainable building to life. “It has been a rewarding experience to work with Raghu and watch the growth and success of this future-proof hub fully immersed in building intelligence and sustainability. The Integrated Lighting Campaign’s outstanding recognition program is incredible for encouraging and growing the presence of smarter and more sustainable buildings,” says Miscovich.

About the link

A “Space that Inspires,” the link is a membership-based organization located in Nocatee, Florida where people of all ages come to “Learn-Play-Think-Do,” fostering creativity, productivity, and human development. the link provides a premier coworking, event, and activity space with advanced audio-visual support, accommodating meetings from 6 – 200+ attendees. Learn more at

About wtec

wtec is a global developer of technology dedicated to innovation, reducing environmental impact, and enabling smart building use cases throughout the built space. wtec’s smartengine platform comprises network-powered, low voltage smart building technology that delivers real-time data from its fine-mesh sensor network while powering and controlling LED fixtures with best-in-class energy efficiency and achieving savings up to 75%. Open APIs connect to building systems for additional savings from HVAC optimization, and to smart building apps for wayfinding, asset tracking, space management and analytics. Learn more at

About the Integrated Lighting Campaign

The Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC) is a recognition and guidance program of the US DOE, designed to help facility owners, operators and managers save energy and money in their facilities. The ILC serves as a resource for relevant research regarding new advanced lighting controls and integrated lighting systems, the capabilities they enable, and the benefits observed in both lab environments and in the field. The ILC is documenting the adoption of integrated lighting systems, advanced sensors in lighting, and recognizing exemplary projects.